Semi Automatic Washing Machine – The Smart Way To Save Time

Before the miracle machines- washing machines were introduced life used to be so stressful that people have to do so much manual work to finish cleaning their clothes. After washing machines are introduced, life became so easy for washing clothes. All you need to do is put the dirty laundry in the washing machine and it does the stuff for you. If you are new to washing machines, you might want to know that there are 2 types basically – semi automatic washing machine and fully-automatic washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines serve as an intermediate device between manual washing and fully-automatic washing machines. If you are willing to do little manual work and are concerned about budget, then semi-automatic washing machines are the best for you.

When it comes to semi-automatic washing machines, there are again 2 kinds – single tub and twin tub models. For the single tub model, there are 2 layers in the washing machine. After washing, the inner layer which has holes in it drains the water from clothes making them ready to dry. They occupy less space. The twin-tub models have 2 tubs present. One is used for washing and the other for drying and spinning. You have to manually transfer clothes from washer to dryer.

Using semi-automatic washing machines is one way smarter option when compared to fully-automatic washing machines. Below are the reasons for this.

  • The first reason for the semi-automatic washing machines to be smarter is because of its price. You get a good model between 10000 Rs and 13000 Rs. You can even get cheaper ones. This is way lesser than fully-automatic washing machines.
  • When using semi-automatic washing machines, you need to manually fill the tub with water for the wash cycle to start. So, the time taken for each wash cycle is less than the fully automatic ones. This way you will be saving the time required for washing.
  • As you have to fill the water manually in semi-automatic washing machines, you know exactly the amount of water to fill. This way, water can be consumed less and as this does not require any water flow to be continuous, it is a perfect solution when you have restriction of water supply in your area.
  • When it comes to energy consumption, you need to know that the semi-automatic washing machines just start working once water is filled up and clothes are soaked. This significantly saves power consumption and hence the electricity bills.
  • One more advantage of using semi-automatic washing machines is that you can add clothes at any time after the washing has started. Also, when spinning or drying is running, you can add another load of clothes to the wash cycle. This significantly reduces the time required and you can smartly consume the time. Also, the water that remains after rinsing can be used again for washing. You can even treat your special garments with care.

These are some of the reasons why using semi-automatic washing machines are also a smart option.